At the very end of the year, Ray reached out to a group of 45 photographers to submit work for a new annual book series. Essentially a year-in-review… the only criteria was that the photographs must have been made in 2020.

Despite feeling like most of the year was spent in lockdown, quarantine, or overall self-imposed isolation, I was pleasantly surprised to find that photographically speaking… I had a great year. The beauty of the contributions to this 300-page book from around the globe… is that other people did too. Life really did go on through what was otherwise a total mess of a year.

It is without question an honor to share the pages with so many great photographers. I really enjoy seeing my work paired up with others in this fashion. Seeing my voice as a photographer contributing to a bigger conversation about the human condition isn’t something that really happens outside of this context.

The book has sold out twice in less than three weeks… with a third publishing on the way.
You can pick one up o’er at Hamburger Eyes by clicking here!