I feel overwhelmed when looking back on my personal work from the past year. My voice as a photographer has really taken shape in ways that I never expected. I feel extremely grateful.

Conley, Georgia • USA

I absolutely adore this quiet moment from The Country Music Hall of Fame. This photograph made me realize that we all want forever… and that these two, like those on the wall they’re viewing… have just that.

Nashville, Tennessee • USA

Speaking of forever… this roadside memorial is one of many I made an effort to document this year.

Decatur, Georgia • USA

This sullen moment North of the border has inexplicably resonated with me. There is a palpable sadness to it that I absolutely cherish.

Zehner, Saskatchewan • Canada

There is a certain element of solitude creeping into my work. Perhaps I am externalizing elements of the human condition that I connect with.

Moran, Wyoming • USA

Regardless, I am not upset about the emergence of these underlying themes. This moment barrelling upstate on a train being one of them. I don’t know this girl… but she too was traveling alone. It took me about 45 minutes to muster up the courage to snap the shot. I didn’t want to disturb her with the sound of the camera… but I am glad that I finally did. Turns out… she didn’t even flinch.

Rhinebeck, New York • USA

I adore this seemingly sad, quiet moment from outside one of the honky-tonks on Lower Broadway. Folks come to Nashville to make it big… and in my head this is the moment he realized that this honky-tonk is where his train stops.

Nashville, Tennessee • USA

The lone hydrant here spoke to the helplessness of the people of Gatlinburg during the wildfire. Even the most with the most fight have to succumb when too much becomes too much.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee • USA

I sure love a good character… and this fellow is no exception. He was sitting there being so grumpy that he didn’t even notice that I snapped this shot.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee • USA

I love this candid snap of my friend Alex eating Mormon funeral potatoes after a long day on the mountain. You can just feel the exhaustion!

Jackson, Wyoming • USA

This portrait-of-sorts encapsulates a lot that I love about The South. It just doesn’t get much better than this.

Columbus, Georgia • USA

I carry a camera with me always… specifically for moments like these. You just never know when the world will present itself for a photograph.

Fairburn, Georgia • USA

This blissful reunion might be one of the happiest moments I have been fortunate enough to capture. If the world could experience a fraction of this happiness it would be a better place.

New Orleans, Louisiana • USA

My dear friends, Owen and Mak… just days before departing to live/work/travel out of their van (Stanley) full time! I am extremely excited for this new chapter in their lives… and really love this moment with them before they hit the road.

Atlanta, Georgia • USA

While on the topic of new chapters… I made a big purchase this year… one I’ve been lusting after for quite some time! I love this silhouetted shot next to a liquor store from a quiet night’s ride. Although let’s be honest… this bike is anything but quiet.

Tucker, Georgia • USA

I experimented with multiple-exposures a lot this year… and the entire roll of film from this Enforcer show… completely changed the way that I see/understand film photography. It was absolutely groundbreaking for me. I am really excited to explore more of this technique moving forward.

Atlanta, Georgia • USA

I’ll wrap things up with another double-exposure… this time, a self-portrait. This photograph was 100% chance. I had no idea it would turn out the way that it did… or that it would say what it does about me. That’s part of what I love about shooting film… those happy accidents really keep you coming back for more.

Andy Sapp - Double Exposed Self-Portrait
Nashville, Tennessee • USA

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