Captured across three tours over a span of two years, Me and the Boys in the Band is an homage to life on the road with Zac Brown Band.

I operated as a one-man band on this music video. Patience was paramount with this piece and it represents a very special stamp in time for this band. I am truly proud (and frankly… stunned) how it all came together.

In today’s world of instantaneous-everything, this project was a breath of fresh air. In fact… my favorite part about it all, is that I did not tell anyone what I was doing with the film I was shooting. This was a surprise for the band and crew that I travel the globe with… and I am very excited to finally share it with the rest of the world!!

Shot entirely on Kodak Vision 3 Super 8mm motion picture film.
Music: Zac Brown Band • Me and the Boys in the Band