When looking back over my photographs from 2019, I feel astounded at what an incredible year it was. I live for a good adventure, and the past year really delivered on that front. 2020 has a lot to live up to!

Kinder, Louisiana • USA

The motorcycle trips were easily the standout experiences of the year. Although I find it extremely difficult to shoot when traveling on two wheels, perhaps in some ways it forces me to decide if I really want to turn around to make a photograph. I suppose this process, in many ways, mirrors shooting film in and of itself.

Clarksville, Georgia • USA

In my travels for work, I saw corners of this country that I had not yet explored… which is a perk of the job for which I am eternally grateful.

Tonkawa, Oklahoma • USA

As the years go by, I find myself shooting less and less people in my personal work… but I still obsess over observing the human condition. I am hoping to get back to documenting more of that this year.

Houston, Texas • USA

Obviously, Southern culture is wildly important to me… and I have realized that there is a massive percentage of my own home-state that I have never even been to. This year I am focusing on seeing as much of Georgia as I possibly can.

Senoia, Georgia • USA

On that note… here are a few more of my favorite photographs from the past year… all shot on an array of 35mm film stocks.

Deming, New Mexico • USA
Dillard, Georgia • USA
Calgary, Alberta • Canada
Lone Pine, California • USA
Abbeville, Georgia • USA
Marfa, Texas • USA
Socorro, New Mexico • USA
Bodie, California • USA
Tonkawa, Oklahoma • USA
Clayton, Georgia • USA

180-page 10×8″ hard/softcover books with all of my 2019 favorites are available here.