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Before any of this video can begin to make sense, please visit Team Rowdy and get an idea of what the Hot Boy of the Year (HBCOTY) is.With that out of the way, Alex’s criteria for this year’s contest was a video shot with a cell phone. I thought it had to be edited on a phone as well, which is one of the reasons I wanted in on this. Turns out, I was wrong… but it made it that much more challenging! It is such an awesome idea that I wanted in on the fun. Since the BMW is broken at the moment, I decided it would be funny to make a video about my truck. We all know that when you peel the layers back, I’m a good ol’ boy who likes to chat up the CB in my truck on the way to the shooting range. So I thought this would be the chance to really embellish this and make it over-the-top. What started out as me jotting a few ideas down, turned into a script which turned into a 3.5 hour shoot with Greg of my spitting coffee (dip spit) out before every over-twang’d line. I even had a pair of truck nuts 2-day aired to make it in time.I color graded the footage on my phone with Magic Bullet Movie Looks, did the visual effects with Action Movie FX, and edited it all (including voiceover) using iMovie for iPhone. I even uploaded it straight to Vimeo from iMovie. This video never once saw a computer. AT ALL!I had an absolute blast making this from every angle… and I can’t believe we live in a time where something like this can be made using a cell phone. It is absolutely incredible! Special thanks to Greg Thore for helping me shoot this, and to Alexander Grant for coming up with the idea for this contest!

  Completion Time:     8 Hours     Software Used:     100% iPhone Made.

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Some crackhead smashed the window of my truck and ganked my iPod, GPS, and radar detector – none of which was out in plain sight. Instead of using a brick, rock, or old spark plug like a normal cracky – he used a screwdriver to pry the window past it’s threshold for shatter and bent the door frame in the process which now needs bodywork and paint to be fixed.There is nothing worse than that feeling of violation when someone does something like this… and I feel confident that there is a special place in hell for people that break the golden rule of all golden rules. Never touch a man’s automobile. ESPECIALLY a zombie-killing truck. That just has bad karma written all over it.


The past three weeks have been a whirlwind of chaos and awesome. Round 2 of Formula Drift has come and gone… and with it came some SERIOUS life memories. At one point I think we had 13 people staying at my house. Every night it seemed like someone new. While I am glad things have returned to normal… I can honestly say it has left me slightly depressed! So many good times, I don’t even know where to begin. Race week started a bit early… when my good friends Will Roegge and Joshua Herron made an S.O.S. call to me. Their 1974 Volkswagen van had broken down a few hours south of Atlanta in LaGrange. The ‘Westy’ is their home-on-the-road during primary photography for their cross-country documentary, “KEEP DRIFTING FUN”. After procuring Tyler’s trailer at midnight, Wes and Lieze and I rocketed southbound for a rescue mission. Halfway there we got a call that the van started… so we met up with them on the highway just to be safe
Keep Drifting Fun VW Westy

The Westy wasn’t running well at all… so with cue from Eugene, we took it to Barry Palmer Auto for a diagnostic eval from an air-cooled guru. The van’s motor had no compression, and was in need of a transplant

I picked up a new roof spoiler from paint at Jeff’s Auto Restoration to replace the one that flew off in-tow last year

My tow-hooks came back from KILLIN’ EM. Fresh hit of satin black to hide the ol’ red. Thanks Scott!!!

Picked up a few miscellaneous parts for the car. Water temp sensor adapter from TRM and a new cabin AC filter. I also snagged a new OE radiator, spark plugs, and wiper blades (not pictured)

I re-worked the wiring for the back of my gauges… including some quick-disconnects for easier maintenance

I got frisky with The Destroyer™ and pulled the front end apart..

So I could bake the lower light housings and hit the reflectors yellow. While the grill was off, I had Jeff hit the chrome bits with paint to match the body color… and I re-wrapped the Chevy emblem with black vinyl. I also installed a 3000K HID kit from DDM Tuning

We adopted an awesome (outside) cat. Lieze named him Meow Meow.

I had Pho for the first time

I gave the e46 a much-needed wash before taking her to the track…

and the next thing I knew I was being bombarded with water balloons by kids in the neighborhood.

Luckily my friends Drew Fishbein and Ross Fairfield were there to catch the action for their site OMGDRIFT!

Then Formula Drift came crashing back into my life full-force for FD Pro Am. I put my game face beard on for an amazing weekend… which I will leave for another post.
Shot c/o Will Roegge

The day after FD was a Southeast Drift event at Turner (more on this later). Tons of FD dudes came out to shred with us local-folk

Then the new 2.0L motor for the Westy arrived via frieght

We took the van back to Palmer Auto where Barry and Mikey took the reigns from there to get the van back running in tip-top shape. The larger motor with mechanical lifters will make the rest of Will and Josh’s voyage on the high-seas of FUN much better

Slowly… all my house guests began departing to their corners of the globe… leaving behind some amazing memories and awesome times. Will and Josh were the last to return to the road in the Westy… headed north to Jersey by way of Charlotte, Richmond, Baltimore and Philly. With everyone gone, and my house back it’s quiet state, I’m left to reflect on how lucky I am. Not only has this crazy motorsport taken me places I never thought possible… it has also introduced me to some of the most creative, talented, and overall BADASS MOTHERFUCKERS on the planet. And for that… I am truly honored and extremely grateful.<3


I decided to shine up The Destroyer™. Some TLC for this truck was long overdue. While I was at it, I de-stickered it. Maybe it is time for new stickers… maybe she’ll stay sleek and clean for a bit. The only sticker that remains is an OG gold/black Cipher Garage sticker on the rear glass.ZOMBIE KILLER 9000.


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