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I finally had a chance to check out Art & Copy. This documentary is a must-see for anyone in the creative field… ESPECIALLY anyone in advertising/marketing. It talks about how ad-agencies and agency powerhouses were born, and explores several different case-studies about how advertising was the key success element behind each example. The big point that rings true in my head from this film is how advertising gives these cold, faceless corporations a face and an identity for people to associate and connect with. WITHOUT advertising… these corporations are nothing.With that in mind [steps up on soapbox]… it really aggravates me how devalued and trivial the industry has become. I feel like companies look at advertising as another ‘neccesary’ step in the business process, and don’t really care to embrace it and try and do something TRULY GREAT with the medium. At the end of the day, they are so concerned with their numbers that they miss the bigger picture. Every company has the chance to seize the day – but how many actually do? VERY, very few.Maybe I’m exaggerating. Then again, maybe not. Maybe I’m someone who actually cares about this medium and I’m swimming in a sea of businesses AND designers who just don’t give two shits. So go ahead. Make that logo as big as you can, and see how far that really gets you. Try not to hit your head too hard on that glass ceiling on the way to the top.


The past three weeks have been a whirlwind of chaos and awesome. Round 2 of Formula Drift has come and gone… and with it came some SERIOUS life memories. At one point I think we had 13 people staying at my house. Every night it seemed like someone new. While I am glad things have returned to normal… I can honestly say it has left me slightly depressed! So many good times, I don’t even know where to begin. Race week started a bit early… when my good friends Will Roegge and Joshua Herron made an S.O.S. call to me. Their 1974 Volkswagen van had broken down a few hours south of Atlanta in LaGrange. The ‘Westy’ is their home-on-the-road during primary photography for their cross-country documentary, “KEEP DRIFTING FUN”. After procuring Tyler’s trailer at midnight, Wes and Lieze and I rocketed southbound for a rescue mission. Halfway there we got a call that the van started… so we met up with them on the highway just to be safe
Keep Drifting Fun VW Westy

The Westy wasn’t running well at all… so with cue from Eugene, we took it to Barry Palmer Auto for a diagnostic eval from an air-cooled guru. The van’s motor had no compression, and was in need of a transplant

I picked up a new roof spoiler from paint at Jeff’s Auto Restoration to replace the one that flew off in-tow last year

My tow-hooks came back from KILLIN’ EM. Fresh hit of satin black to hide the ol’ red. Thanks Scott!!!

Picked up a few miscellaneous parts for the car. Water temp sensor adapter from TRM and a new cabin AC filter. I also snagged a new OE radiator, spark plugs, and wiper blades (not pictured)

I re-worked the wiring for the back of my gauges… including some quick-disconnects for easier maintenance

I got frisky with The Destroyer™ and pulled the front end apart..

So I could bake the lower light housings and hit the reflectors yellow. While the grill was off, I had Jeff hit the chrome bits with paint to match the body color… and I re-wrapped the Chevy emblem with black vinyl. I also installed a 3000K HID kit from DDM Tuning

We adopted an awesome (outside) cat. Lieze named him Meow Meow.

I had Pho for the first time

I gave the e46 a much-needed wash before taking her to the track…

and the next thing I knew I was being bombarded with water balloons by kids in the neighborhood.

Luckily my friends Drew Fishbein and Ross Fairfield were there to catch the action for their site OMGDRIFT!

Then Formula Drift came crashing back into my life full-force for FD Pro Am. I put my game face beard on for an amazing weekend… which I will leave for another post.
Shot c/o Will Roegge

The day after FD was a Southeast Drift event at Turner (more on this later). Tons of FD dudes came out to shred with us local-folk

Then the new 2.0L motor for the Westy arrived via frieght

We took the van back to Palmer Auto where Barry and Mikey took the reigns from there to get the van back running in tip-top shape. The larger motor with mechanical lifters will make the rest of Will and Josh’s voyage on the high-seas of FUN much better

Slowly… all my house guests began departing to their corners of the globe… leaving behind some amazing memories and awesome times. Will and Josh were the last to return to the road in the Westy… headed north to Jersey by way of Charlotte, Richmond, Baltimore and Philly. With everyone gone, and my house back it’s quiet state, I’m left to reflect on how lucky I am. Not only has this crazy motorsport taken me places I never thought possible… it has also introduced me to some of the most creative, talented, and overall BADASS MOTHERFUCKERS on the planet. And for that… I am truly honored and extremely grateful.<3


I got a chance to see an unbelievable documentary called “The Art of the Steal” by Don Argott. I won’t go into details of what the documentary entails… because the trailer above does a great job of that. What I will say is that I left the theatre VERY very angry. For a moment, I couldn’t even believe that something like this could happen… but then I remembered that we live in a country where the almighty dollar rules all… so to hell with things like legality, wills, or trusts. The city of Philadelphia could obviously care less about these things, as they have tourism to drum up! They want to portray themselves as one of the leading cities for art and culture, however they are showing that they are a city writhing in corruption hellbent on getting what they want… even if it means breaking the law.This film was very well produced, and I really enjoyed it immensely. If you have any attachment or relationship to art whatsoever… I would highly recommend it. And to the city of Philadelphia… you will never see a red cent of MY commerceEVER.

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I’m a big documentary guy. I really cannot get enough of them. Most of the time it doesn’t even matter what the subject is, I really adore the format, and enjoy (gasp!) learning something in the process. Why I haven’t been in-tune with the internets to know more about Vice Magazine’s online television network: VBS.tv sooner, I am unsure… BUT – I think I may just be in love.Their guerrilla approach to making some of these documentaries is definitely gloves-off, knee-deep, and in your face. They are doing things, going places, and seeking out answers regarding topics that most major media outlets would never dream of. They offer a fresh, and what I feel to be pretty unbiased view on what they are covering… really aiming to focus on the facts presented to them as they experience these things first-hand.Until recently, Heavy Metal in Baghdad was my only dose of Vice filmmaking… which is an amazing/dangerous look at the only heavy metal band in Iraq, and their struggles to merely exist as a band… let alone play their music. I can’t even count how many segments on VBS are equally as great, if not better. To add an element of legitimacy to it all, CNN just partnered up with VBS because they admire their journalism and unique approach to reporting. Not bad for a Brooklyn-based indie-magazine.Some of the more eye-opening segments that I’ve seen so far include the Vice Guide to Liberia, The Sewers of Bogota, Toxic Garbage Island, Vice Guide to North Korea, and any of the segments from their Middle East Channel. I could easily list ten-fifteen more worthy segments that I have seen so-far, but I will let you explore the site on your own.And to the crew at VBS… if you ever need another cameraman, motion graphics guy, WHATEVERHoller.

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