For the past five years, I have been satiating this incessant compulsion to shoot film… not fully understanding where the train was headed.   Spending the past month combing through years of scans and finally making some sense of what I have been doing has been cathartic… and I am proud to once again present my work to the world.

Two years ago, I deleted my major social media accounts… along with the massive contents of website. I had been posting, blogging, tweeting, and sharing my life for over 16 years… and came to an alarming conclusion that none of it mattered.  I was simply shouting into the void.  After two years away from everything, I still feel this way, but in that time I have learned that my creative process requires the completion of it’s cycle with some form of presentation… if for no one else but myself to reflect back upon.  This new site will be that space.

I am unsure what the exact role of this ‘journal’ section will ultimately play.  There is a chance it will vanish from existence… leaving the work to stand on it’s own.  But for now, I am entertaining the notion of having a space away from the unhealthy networks of today’s social landscape, to once again have my own corner… not to shout into the void – but at least to speak in a conversational volume towards it.

Thank you for spending your time to view my work.  I am glad you are here.